Sunday, March 23, 2008


Friday evening my parents had jut come in and we were just chatting over dinner when a phone call came in from my friend Kevbo. I didn't answer. I try not to answer the phone during meals. Jeanne-Ann said it might be an emergency. So I called back and sure enough it was. He was headed down to Mexico with our high school group for a missions trip. For some reason, that is wayyyyyy beyond me, they take the bus down and not a plane.

Well, the bus broke down. (surprise, surprise). I mean, seriously. Has any youth ministry ever taken a bus on a long trip and it not broken down? I don't believe there is evidence anywhere documented to this fact. Again I ask why, but who am I? The fuel line busted and gas went everywhere. Ouch.

So we put together a team to take vans down. They were only 2 1/2 hours away. Then we got another call saying someone was on the way and that they had a part to replace it and we would not need to go. they were 100% sure about not needing us. We thought we shouldn't take a chance. We even thought about going and calling to see how the progress was coming. We decided Steve and Michelle would come over and put their kids down here while we hung out and waited for a phone call (not very trusting you say? we thought it was just better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if we didn't get a call we would get to hang out with our friends. BONUS!

As the kids were finally put to bed, the phone call came. haha. So we geared up and the four of us headed down. My parents are here so they stayed with the kids. We loaded up with Starbucks, energy drinks, our ipods and snacks and began thetrek down there.

We brought walkie-talkies (genius) and chatted the hole way down. It started with "Are we almost there yet?" and "I have to pee." statements and then It became a free concert, put on by yours truly. I had my 80s hit playlist set up and I allowed the other 3 to be blessed by my vocal artistry. From Vanilla Ice to Bon Jovi to Mr. Big to Kriss Kross. was beautiful.

We slowed down once as there was a guy who fell asleep at the wheel (help was already there) and then finally got there. We gassed up the vans for them and got to see the whole group. They were doing surprisingly well. Now there were way more drivers needed than when it was just the bus.

They made it safely there and are rolling into their ministry opportunities.

We got home just before 3AM! yawn...


Rochelle said...

u r right...there cannot be a trip without something breaking down. at least you had the 80's recap to soothe the tired beast! glad u guys made it okay.

Michelle said...

never a dull moment...long live A-Ha and next time...Milli Vanilli!!

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