Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Evening Session

Greg Stier – Dare2Share
He shared a story of his argument with his wife right before Bible study. It lead to a very awkward conversation of his wife blowing up and the exec pastor challenging him to take care of his family first. He came flying at him and then dropped to the ground in the fetal position and wept like he never had before.

Jesus had challenging conversations all the time.
Peter, do you love me? Then feed my sheep.

He did a reality show 6 weeks ago and brought a bunch of students together who all have different faiths and backgrounds that they found on craigslist. One of the girls asked the producer off camera, “If I become a Christian do I have to quit masturbating? Because I love to masturbate.” He replied, “Just believe in Him and He will help you figure all that stuff out.”

Wow…that is reality. Hard conversations. Real stuff.
He discovered the more he listened the more they were willing to listen to him.
Why are there less seniors than juniors and juniors than sophomores, etc? We are not having challenging conversations with them.

Do you know why students are deaf to us? Because we are deaf to them.

Matthew 10:19-20 – do not worry about what you will say…depend on God…He will speak for you.


Jessica said...

I haven't seen the whole series of dvds he did with students from different backgrounds, but what I did see was pretty good. Such a good word, though. Listen. We are so busy talking.

Kyle said...

Thats some crazy hard questions. I wish kids felt more free to really let themselves wrestle with stuff like that.

Matthew g Prior said...

I just finished reading "Contemplative Youth Ministry" by Mark Yaconelli recently and your comment (or quote) about students being deaf to us because we are deaf to them really struck a chord. That was the entire basis and thesis of the book: be present, learn to shut up and listen. I always try to figure out ways to justify why I am unable to listen, but that never really flies, it isn't justification, it's excuses. Thanks for taking notes on this one and thanks for the verse. I combine this with your post on fear and know that I am afraid that I won't have the correct words to say. Way to go, you are a good note taker, person, guy.

erik w/a "k" said...

thanx Matt...occasionally I can be that taker, person guy...occasionally.

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