Monday, September 10, 2007

A Total Waste of Time!!!

I am about to blog about something I never thought I would. The MTV Video Music Awards. I was curious to see what Britney Spears would do and catch any other crazy stuff of the music pop culture world.

There is a TON of slamming of Britney out there. A lot about her weight. Wouldn't be an issue if she didn't dance in her underwear. I think the worst part was the fact that she lip-synced and did really poorly. I felt bad for her as she didn't seem like she even knew what she was doing up there. I will not slam her for her choices in life. I feel bad that she has made so many poor choices and I truly hope that she will begin to make some better choices.

Now, as to the rest of the was HORRIBLE. I have no problem slamming a TV station. It was such a jumbled mess going on back and forth between different "parties" and the main stage. It seemed like MTV didn't have a clue as to what was going on. The whole show was a mess.

Whining Kanye West and his big mouth. Ugghhh...

It was such a total waste of time. At least I had it DVRd so I forwarded through most of it.

Perhaps the worst part was Sarah Silverman flapping her yapper. What a disgusting use of time. Not only was what she had to say terrible and boring, but it was also the worst 2 minutes of the entire night. She didn't even seem like she had a clue as to what was going on. A little practice of what you are going to say would be nice.

This is not the typical type of thing I would blog about and it is not my typical attitude about people. I just was so disgusted with the whole poorly executed show.

There was one moment of brightness...Justin Timberlake took his moments of winning the moon man award to tell MTV to play more music videos!!!

OK, I'm done.

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