Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last Day BFA; Snowboards & Scooters in the Swiss Alps

Friday was our final day for BFA SEW. It was a fun morning. I wrapped up on 2 Peter 1:8-11 – and talked about "what to do now?"
We hung out in Sam's office for the afternoon with a break to play some basketball.
Set up and prepare for evening worship time where we had 7 different stations they could go during worship (journal, pray, paint, sculpt, etc.). The evening worship time was an optional time for the high schoolers and almost everyone of the high schoolers came. It was really, really good. I had some AWEsome conversations with students afterwards. Conversations that challenged me as well. Then we stayed up late and chatted at Sam's house.

Saturday was a BLAST. We slept in and then headed to Interlaken, Switzerland. There we stopped by the lake and then headed into town and watched a ton of para gliders.
We really wanted to do that, but it was $125. So we went and rented scooters after some not so good Thai food.

We had them for 4 hours so we headed up the Swiss Alps as fast as we could. Unbelievable!!! We laughed a lot. I even mounted a helmet cam. I will post that later. We stopped at some caves and toke a "lift" up most of the way and then stairs into a place where the glaciers had carved a "path" through the mountain and we watched the water cascade all the way down. It was soooo cold inside the caves.

Off to other spots for dessert over the most amazing view ever!

Sunday 0 we went to church and saw a bunch of the students and staff and then off to the Corby's. They live in a village that is where the Romans built bath houses around 100AD. Some still stand and it is a place many Europeans come to rejuvenate. We had lunch up on a rock up their mountain and had an incredible view where we could see all the way into France.
Then back into town to walk to the castle and the little arts festival that was going on. We even saw a piece of a fashion show they had there. Some lady was wearing a newspaper hat that I found rather funny.

We stayed till after dinner and then came back to the Stemple's and looked at pics of the week and laughed a lot again.

Booked a place in Paris and ready to see the Friesen's and all of Paris in one day!

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