Sunday, June 24, 2007

Soccer game and Deal or No Deal

Last night I "hosted" another Deal or No Deal at Canby Alliance Church. I shaved my head again (doesn't feel right to do the part and not play it all the way out). The first round we gave away 25 cents; the second round we gave away...25 cents!!! We had enough time (and money) for a 3rd speed round so we went for it.

Two days later (Monday)I went down to southern Oregon and did it there at a camp. What fun. I feel like I am "taking this on the road" as several have said. Someone said, "This could become a national thing!" To which I replied, "Uh, it already is. Have you seen the show?" "Oh yeah."

Is it over? I don't know. I do know that I know have short hair and wasn't planning on that for the summer. The exact reason why I didn't want short hair (bald) for the summer made it plain last week. I rode down to southern Oregon with the sunroof open so that I could work on my arm tan. Well, I burned my dome! It peeled at the end of the week. NASTY!! Constant flaking for days!

Oh, I almost forgot...we had a soccer game the day after the 1st DOND in Canby. We won 14-3. I had 3 assists and um...*whispers* (ten goals)

?Now that burn is over and I should be good. Let's hope so.

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