Thursday, March 13, 2014

Are you easily scared?

Over the last 9 years I have had 4 different bosses and 4 assistants. As for my assistants, I had the privilege to serve with Tracy, Jessica, Mike and Hannah. Each of them has had their own amazing gifts and abilities that they have added to the picture. It has been such a treat for me to work and serve with such incredible people. I have lots of memories and am so thankful for each of them. 

Tracy was someone who volunteered with me when I was a middle school pastor in Salem and then we got to work together at the district office serving youth pastors and students. She could plan an event with her hands tied behind her back. Jess was my partner in crime at Salem Alliance, where we served as middle school pastors together and then she made the jump to working with me at the district office. We built off of our past working relationship and continued to build relational networks across our district. Super creative and fun.  Mike left being a youth pastor at Mosaic to come work with me and brought some more testosterone to the office. Mike and I connected on technology, creativity and mischievousness. It was fun to work with a guy for a few years. Hannah came on in a last minute "did we call that one girl Mark Lynch mentioned?" moment. We hadn't. We did. We were all glad. She came from eastern Washington via Western Africa, where she was a youth pastor for 2 years. 
As I reflect on the last year and a half working with Hannah there have been a number of things I have enjoyed about working with her. She is an honest, Holy Spirit-trusting, super fun girl. She is also quite jumpy. She once told me that she loved scaring her dad and after finding that out I thought it would be fun to document me giving her dad some payback. (Well I masked it as a favor to her dad at least). 

Here is a quick compilation of Hannah bringing me great joy!

Each of these wonderful people were a delight to work with and I am thankful to God for having had the opportunity to spend that time with them. 

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