Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dressing Up, winning prizes, eating candy

It's that time again. Sugar overload season! Haha. I know many people don't like to celebrate it and have a "trunk or treat" experience at their church, and that's fine.

I have a long history of going trick-or-treating since I was a little kid. Easily one of my favorite years was my senior year of high school. I was in New York and went with a bunch of friends around my neighborhood, that was considerably small.

One of our neighbors had a scarecrow sitting on their front porch for two or three weeks before Halloween. When we got to their house this scarecrow had a big bowl of king size candy on its lap with a note saying, "take just one please."

One of my friends grabbed a handful and all of a sudden this scarecrow grabbed his hand. It was our friend's dad who was sitting inside of the scarecrow costume. We laughed and screamed at the same time!

To this day I still remember the house I got the bag of M&Ms from. That night, as I was laying in bed, I wanted just one more thing of chocolate. I grabbed that bag of M&Ms and opened it up. It was the 50th anniversary of Mickey Mouse. So Disney and M&Ms were doing a promotion together. I finished my bag and saw some writing on the inside of it. It said, "first place bicycle!"

I was cautiously very excited. I say cautiously, because it was Mickey Mouse. Could it be a little kids bike? No! It turned out to be a forest green, 12 speed mountain bike! And it was amazing! (Sadly, that bike was stolen while I was in college after a friend had borrowed it without telling me)

I still love to dress up when I have the time. I love costumes. It's fun to dress up as someone completely different than who you are. My kids have carried on this tradition. Sadly, my older children seem to have other things they want to do. Karston was going to a capture the flag event by our house. Kynzi just wanted to hang out with the Littles. I'm okay with her wanting to be around us. Smile.

Last minute Kynzi and Karston threw together some costumes and went trick-or-treating for about 30 minutes before the party. 

I took the Littles out to stop at some of our neighbors doors. Jeanne-Ann stayed behind to give out candy. After hitting several homes, Jeanne-Ann decided to join us. In our neighborhood the fire department comes out and lets kids sit inside of their firetrucks and they give away candy and hot apple cider. So we make sure to go visit them.

Haak wanted to dress up in his cowboy outfit and it Nyah wanted to dress up in her Doc McStuffins outfit, but Jeanne-Ann had persuaded them to dress up in their Norwegian outfits. Read "promised candy if they dressed up in them they would get candy." Ha ha. She is a smart one. 

I just love running around with my family and enjoying our time together. These are moments I treasure. 

Scuse me while I settle into my candy coma. 

Here are a few pictures from the night.

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