Friday, February 22, 2013

The almost moments

You have had them haven't you? Those moments when something almost happened but it didn't. Today I was driving in Seattle and it was rush-hour traffic. It was raining and there was a lot of traffic. I wasn't going very fast but suddenly the car in front of me steps on the brakes.

Of course this caused me to step on my brakes. I have relatively new tires but because it was wet I slid a bit. You know how it goes from there. That type of thing causes a chain reaction. The pickup truck behind me slid to a stop. He just missed me. I was literally inches from the car in front of me.

I remember a Family Circle comic from a long time ago. Billy was about to step into the street and a car was coming. There was a large "invisible" hand that protected him. It kind of feels like that at times. I know accidents happen to good and bad people. That is just the picture I see in those moments.

It's those almost moments that remind me how fragile life truly is. We have no idea if we are going to have 100 years on this earth or if today is our last day. That may sound a bit morbid but it is reality.

These moments also cause me to think about is what is important. My family. My marriage. Being a good Pappa. Jesus. Telling others about God's love and forgiveness. Living my life in a way that builds others up and encourages them. How I use my words.

It also makes me think, "Why am I still here? What else does God have for me?"

What was your last "almost" moment?

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