Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Pinterest made me a Hero

Have you checked out Pinterest? Basically it is a "Wow, I saw this online and thought it was cool." And you can follow your friends and see what they thought was cool. You can follow certain categories too. I have taken a few pictures of things I have seen around and posted them, but many people post things they find online. You can also "repin" things others have pinned. You can do this online AND you can do it with an app on your phone. It is sort of like your Facebook news feed. Or instagram.

This brings me to today.A few weeks ago I saw a couple of things on pinterest I really wanted to do. They were food items. Over the years I have discovered something about myself. I am an entrepreneurial type of person who is great at dreaming dreams and thinking of ideas. I am NOT great at following through on many of those dreams. I need someone who can come alongside me and help me see that dream through. I have some people like that at work and in my personal life and that is so important for me to have, otherwise I would hardly accomplish a thing. haha. I even have a "life coach" (more on that in another post) who helps me with this from time to time.


Today I finally followed through on this "dream" I had. There were 2 things I wanted to do. 1) Make apple mouths and 2) make home made butterfingers. Yes, you heard that right! Yum! So I purchased my ingredients (several on post Halloween 50% off prices) and got right to it. Now for the blow by blow.

Apple Mouths

For this little project I needed apples, peanut butter and mini marshmallows.
This is what I got. It turned out I needed toothpicks to hold them together because I sliced the apples to large. Then Kynzi had the brilliant idea of adding in raisins for eyes. Genius!
Karston really enjoyed them!
Now to the second project.

Home Made Butterfingers

For this project there are only 3 ingredients! Candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate. That's it! The first thing I did was put a bag of candy corn into a bowl and microwaved it for 2 minutes. I think the original thing I read said 1 minute, but that wasn't even close.

Then I added 15 seconds more until it was runny and I could mix it really well. Once that was ready I mixed in 16 ounces of creamy peanut butter. When it was a nice consistency I put it all out on a pan with parchment paper.
I think it is probably best to put it in a shaped pan (8x8 or something like that) but I used a flat one and mashed it down with a fork to get it to a nice thickness (1/2 an inch or so). I let it cool till it was hard and then used a pizza slicer to make small pieces for consumption!
After that was all cooled off I melted chocolate in the microwave. I think it was in for a total of 1 minute, but you need to just check every 20-30 seconds. I happened to have gotten Dove (best chocolate) promises at the post Halloween deal.

Once it was melted I took the pieces and dipped them in. I putted the finished product in the freezer so the chocolate would harden and came back a while later and we enjoyed what tastes unbelievably like the real Butterfinger!
I seriously can't tell you how amazingly yummy these things were! You should totally try it! Those candy corn bags are still in most grocery stores and Wal-Marts! Hurry in now!

How about you? Are you good with these kinds of things? Are you creative? Have you made anything recently? Are you on Pinterest? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear more!


Bex said...


I want more. I cannot stop thinking about them. Delicious!

EllE said...

I totally get what u said about big dreams and ideas but not following through!!I certainly hope I follow through on this one thing I've been dreaming of lately..But like u said..I need the right people..I guess cooking and baking is the one thing that I always turn my ideas into delicious realities!The apple mouths and butterfinger - YUM!!

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