Sunday, June 19, 2011

2nd Visit with the Babies (and prayer request)

It was an early morning, as far as any real activity goes, as we headed out to meet with our lawyer today. They had lost power from the storm the night before and had not gotten it back yet. We sat in a fairly dark office with Sintahyu and he talked to us about our court appointment. He mentioned that our letter from MOWA had not arrived yet as the slow down to 5 a cases a day had slowed everything down. He imagined it would likely be 15-20 days before that would come to be. That would mean we would not get custody of the children right away. On top of that he told us we would only get to visit them once a week. WHAT?!?! That is not happening.

We are praying that we pass court on Monday! We will be in court at 9AM on Monday, so if you are praying, that is 11PM West Coast time and 2AM East Coast time. We don’t know exactly when they will see us, but it should be within the hour or so. We are praying a miracle happens and the letter arrives in time and we pass. Then we would get to take custody of the kids the next day. He mentioned that the day before they had upped it by 10 cases a day. We were unclear if he meant they are now doing 10 a day or 15 like our agency told us.

Now to the good stuff...

Today we got to see the kids again. This time we shared a room with 2 other couples. One couple was the couple we were trying to trade meetcha shots with the day before and the other couple we actually saw at the airport in Frankfurt. I remember sitting in the airport and Jeanne-Ann was pointing out four couples she was guessing that were adopting.

After some introduction and sharing our meetcha day experiences the nannies started bringing in the kids. We got another 2 whole hours with them. It was different sharing the experience with others. Not different bad, just different. Some of it was actually good. We shared with each other about what we thought of each others’ babies. They were all around the same age, which was pretty cool. I am not sharing names as I don’t have permission to share their stories, but I will say that these are some really nice people and I enjoyed getting some very unique time with them.

Back to our babies. Haakon was upset today and cried again, but it seemed to be a different kind of cry. Yesterday it seemed very much like he was upset because he was taken away from his familiar nanny and placed with a bunch of strangers with an odd pigmented skin. Something he likely had never seen before. Today the cry seemed to be more out of pain. He grabbed at his ear a lot and shook his head. Poor boy. I think he may have an ear infection. He did fall asleep in my arms and that was pretty awesome! That never got old with Kynzi and Karston and will never get old with Haakon and Nyah. As a matter of fact, it isn’t old now when the older ones do still to this day.

Kynzi had a great time getting Nyah to laugh. Those were some great pictures. I can’t wait to share them with you all! As soon as we gain custody of them I can show you. Believe me, it has been so hard to not share with the world what beauties these two are. Let me try to describe them as best I can. Haakon has almond shaped eyes with long eyelashes. He has a head full of hair. His hair is a tight, kinky curl. He has a bunch of spots on his face left over from his chicken pox. Because he has cried most of the time we have been with him, Haakon has a pathetic sad face you just want to kiss and make everything better for him.

Nyah is very expressive. She has many faces. She has a naturally mad-looking face to a beautifully dimpled smile. Her eyes are huge and at times she can look like she is startled like a deer in your headlights on a hot summer’s eve. She also has long eyelashes. She does not have much hair at all. On top it seems to be softer than Haakon’s, but she has a halo of hair on the back of her head that is pretty curly too. She has one or two spots left from her chicken pox as well. She has two teeth that have popped out on the bottom of her mouth. She is beautiful.

Two hours flew by and the nannies came to take them back to their rooms and feed them lunch. I didn’t want to leave them as I knew it would be several days before we got to see them again. We are praying you into our arms soon my sweet little children!!! Pappa loves you!!!!!!


iaandbob said...

I love your writing. It makes me feel I am there seeing the children. Of course it made me cry. I have been an emotional mess this past year.
They are so beautiful. I look forward to you posting the pictures so we can brag more.
We keep praying for tomorrow. I love you all so much and miss you bunches. Tell Kynzi and Karston I love them and miss them

Bestefar said...

We are so very excited for you all!! I miss you so much today and this blog made me miss you even more. It is wonderful to have you as part of my family. You all bring so much to my life!

Bex said...

I LOVE HEARING ABOUT YOUR BABIES!! what a precious memory you will always have be writing this down. Love, love reading this. I can't wait to see you all together. Will be praying your letter rises to the top and arrives with a big old stack on Monday. Can't wait to hear about your court experience. Hoping that you will be able to take custody MUCH sooner or at the very least see your babies every day until then! xoxox

Michelle said...

While we are not physically there with you, know our hearts and thoughts and prayers are. It's like we hear your voice as you write... And we picture the moments...and smile! Yes friends we are praying -the 20th we know is a huge day. Praying for miracles, for favor, for peace of mind and hearts, for treasured memories and experiences, for compassion and grace... And of course for THE letter to be there. Even as I write court has already passed...but the experiences of the day go on. Love y'all!!! Give hugs to your 4 kids from us (and the wife too!!)

Carolyn Steed said...

Today is the 20th...awaiting your blog.....Dad and I love you guys so much and miss you like hopeful for today but so careful to remember that all is good in His sad to hear Haakon may have an ear infection..makes me feel helpless..however I serve a BIG God who heals ear infections. Mom and Dad

Chrystal said...

I love sharing this adventure through your stories. I can see everything so clearly its like a dream. Praying for you guys. Hugs!

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