Thursday, June 09, 2011

How You Can Pray

We are FOUR days from departure! Count it...1...2...3...4!! Wow. People keep asking how you can pray. Well, here you go.

1) We just found out our fingerprints expire on August 16. I hope that would not be an issue, but we want to be safe. The soonest appointment that is available is July 6. Would you pray there is some way around that?

UPDATE: They snuck us in. We got our fingerprints. Thank you Jesus!

2) We leave Monday. The longest part of the flight I fly separately from the rest of my family. We would love to fly together.

3) Our court appointment is on June 20th. Would you pray we pass court the same day. It is happening less and less because of the slow downs. Passing would greatly increase our ability to return home sooner with our WHOLE family!

4) Although we look forward to our time away as a family, pray that the process goes relatively quickly. It would be really nice to be home and have some time off to get used to life at home with 6.

5) We want to grow as a family (not just in numbers) as we will have this very unique opportunity to be away and together in a way we are not likely to do again.

6) Pray for good health for us and Nyah and Haakon too.

7) Pray for the birth parents of our children. Today they will be standing before the judge in court explaining why they gave up their child. This will undoubtedly be a difficult day.

8) Pray we get everything we need to get done done. Not much time left here and LOTs to do yet! Weekend, I am thankful for you. :)

Thanx friends. I sure do appreciate you!


Anonymous said...

Hi - I know a lot of families have just walked in to get their fingerprints done instead of waiting for the appointment and have been successful. It may be worth the try. Good luck to you and your family, wishing you safe and happy travels.:)

Kristin said...

Been praying and will continue. Please keep the updates coming.

Krister said...

With you all...

Mel said...

Praying for you and your family. We serve and awesome God who can do anything.

May He keep you in His hands during your journey!!

Alice said...

I really enjoy reading your blog... praying for you and your family. Happy travels!

Andy said...

We're excited for you Erik et. al. Blessings on a great experience.

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