Monday, December 20, 2010

Thanx...and further endeavors

Our raffle was a smashing success. We raised just over $1,200 and had such a blast doing it. I want to thank all of you who donated towards our adoption this way. So many of you gave us gift cards to go into this raffle and then so many of you donated your dollars. I was seriously overwhelmed. So thank you! We are very close to having what we need for our referral check. (holding tightly that maybe it will be coming soon...Christmas gift?)

You may know that I happen to run into the most random things. On Tuesday morning I was headed to Port Angeles, Washington to speak at a youth group meeting. About 30 minutes before I left I remembered I had a website opened from the week before that had a video competition. I decided to look at it. Sure enough, the video was due THAT DAY! was running it and so I read the rules...less than 2 minutes, had to be in a Santa costume and that was it. You could do anything. I looked at the time and I decided I was going to try it.

I took a Christmas carol and rewrote the lyrics. Then I pulled down my Santa outfit, grabbed my guitar, practiced it twice and recorded it on my iPhone. I sent it in and the guy told me it was awesome and was in the top 10. So here is the deal. The top 10 were then uploaded to youtube on Friday and then it is up to the most views. Here is the breakdown 4-10th place get $15 iTunes gift cards. 3rd place will get a Parrot AR. Drone (remote control with your iPhone helicopter with a video camera on it). 2nd place wins an iPad and 1st place wins a MacBook Air! The competition ends on Friday, December 24th at 1AM...I think. It says Friday at 10AM GMT+1. This is a really great website as they give away a free app every day in December each year. I love loading my iPhone with the apps they give away. Feel free to jump over and support them.

So, here is where I come asking for your help again. Can you go watch my video...A WHOLE BUNCH OF TIMES!!!????!!! Are you planning on sitting down and watching some TV? Got a laptop? You could just keep hitting refresh all night. Even if the view count doesn't go up right away, it is still counting each view. It just takes some time for it to catch up. I would GREATLY appreciate it! Just go here.
3rd place. 
2nd place.

1st place.
Check out the video of the's sick!

FB friends who want to view the video click here.


Anonymous said...

seriously, this song is now stuck in my head. I guess I should have thought of turning the volume down far sooner than 15 views...
Good luck!! krista in banks

erik w/a "k" said...

Krista...that's hilarious. Thanx for the viewing love! Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

just watched it about 10 times. Isaiah was sitting here singing with you and "playing" the guitar on his shirt. Good work. We'll keep viewing!

erik w/a "k" said...


That's AWEsome! Go Isaiah!!! Keep playing like that and you will be a guitar hero some day

Kelly said...

Just checking back in on your raffle--what a huge success. We should have taken notes from you!! :)

It is so fun to see the ways that God is providing for families!

Christy said...

been clicking on it all day today and yesterday....I think you are in the lead!!

What will you do with the MacBook Air??? Keep it or sell it?
That is a tough one!

erik w/a "k" said...


It was amazing. I love how God chooses to provide in so many different ways and using so many different people to be part of this awesome/crazy journey.


Thanx! I am not sure what we will do. Most likely we will sell it to help pay for our trip to Ethiopia. If I get second or 3rd it is actually harder. Haha.

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