Saturday, June 05, 2010

Want to Buy an Adoption T-Shirt?

We have ordered the shirts, but ordered extras, so please contact me before you buy to see if we have the size. We may do a second order if they are all gone and more people want them.

So it's final. After your votes came in it is clear what 2 colors made it to the final. We will be taking orders for 2 weeks (of course you can order later than that) and then we will put the order in to the t-shirt company. Then it will take 1-2 weeks to get them printed and then you can get them. We are going with the fatigue green and true navy colors as you can see below. The shirts will go for $25 each and if you live locally to me that will be it. If you need them shipped just add $5 to the total. Every dollar goes to helping bring our 2 babies home.

I know that God will provide the money we need. I am in complete trust of that. It is the only way that this can happen. I also know that we need to do our part in it. I have never been good at asking people for money. I remember when I was a Boy Scout I hated going door to door selling junk. I just didn't want to bother people. And to ask people straight up for money was completely out of the question. So here I get to "ask" for your $$$ but give you something in return. So that's fun.

When you click the paypal button that corresponds with the color you want indicate the size you want. I hope you like it and the extra surprise that we are not sharing yet.

<---this is for the fatigue green one

<---this is for the navy shirt

This is what the graphic looks like up close.


Jill Funkhouser said...

love your shirts-just bought 2. Many blessings and good luck.

Ryan Murray said...

I just bought mine--I'm so excited to have a super cool t-shirt and I will be supporting a great cause at the same time. What more could a guy ask for?

The Commonwealth said...


Just rolled back from South Africa and a World Cup-related missional initiative.

I'll let Amie know about your hoped-for adoption of two Ethiopian babies. What a fantastic personal and family voyage. And what a courageous way to bless the world.

We might do the t-shirt thing.

Give my best to Jeanne-Ann. And, by the way, I totally forgot to celebrate Norwegian Independence Day. I knew I was feeling a spot of emptiness in my soul.


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