Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Isn't Adoption Expensive?

YES! Yes it is. Very! How can we afford it you ask? We can't. To be honest with you it was one of my hang ups before God opened up my heart. I had a list of reasons why we shouldn't adopt. Money was a big one. When God opened up my heart and I said yes I also said that the finance part of it was in His hands. I am not saying that it means I won't put money into this or do anything about it, I will. We will. As a matter of fact, one of the things I started up to help make some money for this was Basically you send me info on the person you want to give this gift for and I write and record a song for them.

The latest thing is these new hats. My mom was born and raised in Norway (home of the most Winter Olympics ever) and there they all learn how to knit in school. As a matter of fact I went to Kindergarten there and learned to knit that year. I am pretty rusty now though. Anyhow, my mom has started knitting these hats and we are selling them. Yes, hand-knit! You can get the one of your choice for $25. The 2 on the left of the first pic are for babies, the others are "one size fits all." We can even talk about some customization (that will be extra) but we for sure can talk about it. Just let me know. Leave me a message here or find me at

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Sean said...

Good thinking It's always sweet to see the great ways that God uses the gifts and creativity he's given us to further His kingdom. I'm in for a blue hat (bottom right).

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