Saturday, February 06, 2010

60 minutes of Major Stress

I typically don't stress a lot. I am a fairly easy going guy. Laid back. All that stuff. When we were talking about adoption there were all sorts of things I stressed about. Money being a big thing. When I said yes to adopting, it was as if I completely let go of the stress. God took it. It has been amazing. I have not once worried about the finance piece of it, or any other piece of it for that matter.

As you may have read in my last entry, we have been getting all sorts of papers notarized. Well the other day I wanted to get copies of my birth certificate taken care of. Because I was born into a military family overseas it's not as easy as t is for you USA born citizens. I guess the government is real thankful for the service my dad and my family gave it. haha.

Anyhow, I went to the bank to get my request notarized and I knew I needed to have it in the mail by 5PM to get out that day. I got there, waited 10 minutes for the notary lady to be ready. When I walked up she said that there was someone else there before me. They were sitting in some chairs that had some magic invisible sign no one could see that was the waiting area for her. Well I sat down and there was another family that come in after I had been standing and waiting. She took them next. I was getting so frustrated and anxious because it was getting really close to 5PM. When she was done with that family she got up, went to the restroom and then somewhere else. She came back and saw me and said, "You haven't been waiting here the whole time have you? Did you leave and come back?" I said, "I have been sitting here the whole time." She felt so bad, because somehow she didn't see me. I must have been sitting behind that magical invisible sign.

She took my papers (it was not 5:05PM) and took a look at it. Then told me she could not notarize it because it wasn't an official document. I said it was exactly what the GOVERNMENT asked for. How do you get more official than the government? She suggested the UPS store. I was soooo angry and irritated and stressed. It was weird. I could feel all this heat in my body and my blood pressure rising so fast. I got over to the UPS store and he said he wasn't a lawyer, but he didn't know if he could notarize it...FOR TEN BUCKS! The bank is free. Ugh!

My drive home consisted of slow breathing and prayer to Jesus. I couldn't explain why that got my so wound up. It really bothered me that I hit that point actually. I hope it's the last time during this waiting period, but I imagine it won't be. I need to keep repeating the verse from the Bible that my son and I have memorized together: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry - James 1:19. That's some good stuff right there.


Sorry friends. I realized I didn't finish the story. A good friends told me that night that he had a notary who worked for him and I could come in and get it taken care of. It went in the mail the very next day. And now we wait.

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