Sunday, May 24, 2009

Night at the Museum

Hilarious! Laughed a lot. HAnk Azaria stole the show. There were a ton of stars in this movie alongside Ben Stiller. I just want to say that there are two swear words in it! That may not seem like a big deal to you, but when the first movie was completely void of cussing and I take my kids to see it I expect the same level in number 2! Very frustrating. They were totally uncalled for too. But that doesn't even matter to me. I don't like my kids hearing that language and as long as I can protect them from it, based on my abilities, I will. One place is movie choices. I will do better research next time.

Check out
Here is what they said regarding language.

"Characters use variants of "d--n" twice and "god" about half-a-dozen times. Holding a pitchfork, Larry evokes an obscenity when he hollers, "I will fork you." As in the first film, there's quite a bit of name-calling involving words such as "stupid" and the German "dummkopf." We also hear "dadgumit" and teen boys saying "sucks.""


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Rochelle said...

totally there with you!!! i wish they did not feel like they needed to add that to the movie. the first one was awesome and that kind of ruined the whole movie for me.

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