Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am thinking about breaking up


Why is it that I check my email in yahoo and I have to read results of American Idol while I am watching the results show?! This is the second time this week. You would think I would learn, but you would also think that Yahoo would give a rip about their west coast constituents! I am going to make sure I don't get on my laptop next week during the finals. But honestly! This is ridiculous YAHOO!!! I am really upset with you right now.

Maybe it's time to break up. Gmail incorporates everything on the planet and it's all free. I already use soooo much of google's software. Yahoo, you have really hurt me. I can't say it's me, not you, because it really is you. I realize that these are my raw emotions speaking, but I don't think I will think any differently after a night of sleep. But I will sleep on it before I make any rash decision. After all, it has been 11 years we have been in this relationship.


Christy said...

Stop multitasking! Maybe its God's way of telling you to slow down and to just enjoy a show without doing anything else....just a thought?

erik w/a "k" said...

Christy, I am hardwired that way. I can't help it. But you can believe I will have my laptop locked away in another room next week and my cell battery pulled out!

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