Saturday, December 06, 2008

100th Year Birthday Party

Today we went to the Keizer Elk's club to celebrate our friend, Ethel's birthday. 12 years ago we moved to Keizer, OR and lived in a duplex in a quiet neighborhood. One day we saw an elderly lady on a small ladder washing her car while her husband sat in a chair watching. We went over to help and quickly became friends with Jack and Ethel. We got to hear many stories of what it was like growing up in the Salem area. Wow, was it different. Broadway, River and Commercial streets were all dirt roads. Weird to think about.

A few years after, Jack passed away. It was tough on Ethel. We were glad we could be there with her during that time. She is a tough lady and she is stubborn. She doesn't let sickness or anything else take her down either. She is quite an amazing woman. When we had kids she immediately became Granny Ethel. She became a surrogate Grandma for our kids out here.

We moved to the south end of town a bit later and continued to visit and let our kids get to know her too. 4 years ago we moved back into the neighborhood. It's good to back in her world, but it's never often enough. I feel bad. Life goes on and suddenly it's been a long time since we have seen her.

Getting to go to her birthday party was awesome! We told the kids that chances are they would not get to go to another 100th birthday party again. Maybe, but not likely. Have you been to one?

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