Friday, November 14, 2008


Today I did nothing. Well, mostly nothing. I took my kids to school and picked them up. Cleaned the house a bit. But mostly I did nothing. Watched some TV. Spent the day on the couch. It was actually quite nice.

I did walk to school when I picked up the kids. It was gorgeous out today. Literally not a cloud in the sky. Every now and then I think we all need a nothing day to ourselves. I also had a pretty good wrestling match with the kids. Got a fat lip from a punch in the mouth from Karston. I love wrestling with them.

That's it. Could really fit in a twitter tweet, but I am trying not to ignore you so I am making sure I pop on here as often as I can. Oh, here is a pic of me from last week when I ran out of gas. It was soooo cold. Jess helped me out, but my battery was dead by the time she got there and her connections were all corroded. AAA came to the 2nd rescue. 90 minutes later I was back on the road.

Dr. Mark Greene is back on ER...gotta go.

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