Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ever feel like you have run out of gas?

Today was a full day. Mondays and Tuesdays I take my kids to school and the other days they go to "day care" for an hour. So I took the kids to school and then to work and get back into "normal" work mode after camps are done. We actually jumped on some DYC stuff, our next conference we run for high schoolers in February. Then a package came for Matt. It was a gift for his wife. He was not at work and was headed south for the evening for a soccer game. I offered to meet him in Woodburne.

Here is the problem. I had enough gas to get to work and then go get my $2.19/gallon at Costco. I had not planned an extra 15-20 miles needed to make this little extra trip. I pushed and pushed. 2 miles from my office the car began to sputter, and yes then it died. Jessica is a good friend and came out with a gallon of gas. Well, as it turns out leaving the hazard lights on that long while I waited killed my battery. Jessica's battery was a bit corroded and could not give me a jump. It was pouring rain and pretty cold! A call to AAA and after 1 1/2+ hours I was finally on my way to fill my tank all the way. Almost 16 gallons and I payed $35.04! Wow!!!

After I finally got back to work, wrapped things up and headed home. Got some good time in with my family and off to our high school volunteer staff meeting. Good stuff. We had some fun and laughed pretty hard too!

Then it was back to see Barack Obama win the election. John McCain gave an amazing speech. Crazy to think that all of this is over and now we get ready to start a new era. I wonder what it will look like. It certainly is historic.

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