Friday, December 28, 2007

Wii Arm

For Christmas we got a Wii. We have been out shopping for games to add to the collection. Some games were returned in favor for more 4 player/family games. The sport one that it comes with is a big hit. We play a lot of tennis. The kids really like the boxing event. It wears them out, so we like it too. Haha.

Winter Sports is good too, but it takes a long time, so there is quite the commitment. I picked up Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz today. Normally $50. Now $30, plus $10 off before December 30. That was a good score. It has 50 quick crazy fun little games to play. They are over quick, so we can turn-style people through fast.

This is hurting my sleep ability though. It is 1:40AM as I am writing this now and I still have 1 more skeleton (luge) to go. I think I am in the lead!!!

I'll toss some other "reviews" later.

Here's a shot of my bro playing.

My sis playing winter sports.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Man - you are west coast - it's only 10:40 pm - you are just fine!

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