Monday, December 31, 2007

Getting Ready for the countdown

We just got back from Outback and I am FULL!!! I ate my 12 oz. Outback Special and portions of both my children's. And a double order of their delicious broccoli. Mmmm. We are getting all packed up and have set the clock ahead 2 hours so that the kids can experience "midnight" and the countdown. I would like to thank youtube and it's community for helping make that possible. How do we take care of the 1988? We'll see.

Happy New Years friends!

--erik w/a "k" addendum.
we got our ice cream sundaes and drinks and gathered around the 17"laptop to watch the countdown "live". If you have viewed the video above you will notice that there is a 1988 that pops up after the ball drops. We had to run "pass interference" as soon as the ball dropped. It was very funny and I am sure we will talk about it for years to come.

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