Thursday, February 22, 2007

Free Ipod Nano? No way!!!

A couple of weekends ago I went to a Youth Workers Convention. The first session started at 7PM. I was scheduled to land at 6PM. I figured after getting my rental car, checking in and walking to the convention center, I should get there right on time. I was really excited...

Then came the delay. Grrrr. My flight got in at 7:37PM. By the time I got in there were about 20 minutes left. I was pretty frustrated. At the end, before they started the Building 429 "concert" the program guys got out in the audience with mics and roving cameras and gave away some prizes. The first one went to a guy who answered some basketball trivia. He won Pacers tickets for the next night.

Then they asked who arrived the latest. First they had everyone who arrived after 4PM to stand up. A whole bunch. Then 5PM, then 6PM, then 7PM. There were three of us. The first guy said he arrived at 7:20PM, I said 7:37PM, the other guy said 7:38PM. He laughed and said he was just kidding. I was the last one there. I won an iPod Nano!!! Can you believe it? I was soooo pumped.

Now I already have an iPod (no, I am not giving it away...sorry) so I am going to bring it in to Best Buy for credit. If I win this youtube video contest I get $500 in Best Buy credit. Then I am well on my way to getting a flat screen HDTV!!! Want to help me win the youtube contest? Click on this video and watch it a few times. Maybe you want to embed it on your myspace page or your blog. The more views and embedding the better.

you can go here to get the embed codes if you are interested.

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