Saturday, February 03, 2007


I was recently in New Hampshire at a camp. I went there with my buddy Paul. I discovered that Boston was less than 2 hours away and my brother was just over 2 hours away. So obviously you know what I had to do...
I met my brother at Fenway Park. day I will see a game there. We walked around the stadium in below freezing temperatures. It was soooo cold, but I was at FENWAY!!! We walked into the "souvenir" shop. Holy cow! There was sooooo much Red Sox stuff in there. It was overwhelming. I seriously couldn't take it all in.

It was a cool, yet crazy weekend. We passed a horse with Patriots painting all over it crushing a car with a colts sign on it. We ate at some seafood place and then headed back to the camp. It was good to see Rune...and Fenway. Paul got pulled over just a few miles shy of the camp. Bummer. If only he had listened to me. haha.

When we headed for the airport, we didn't have the tickets (e-tickets are great to an extent). I looked on my phone for departure times on Delta from Manchester to Portland. It said 4:50PM. Had we looked on our itinerary we would've seen that we were supposed to leave at 5:35PM on Northwest, not Delta. No wonder I had it wrong. Turns out that when we got to the counter at 3:30PM or so, they handed us each 3 tickets and we were to leave at 4:16PM. What? We also thought we were going through Atlanta. They said, no, Minnesota. Well, when we got to the counter it said Detroit. We went up and tried to get it all straightened out.

Turns out they had what is called a misconnect. The original flight that was to leave at 5:35PM was cancelled. They are supposed to notify us, but they never did. So we got out on an earlier flight. Here comes the problem, we land in Detroit and see our flight is delayed (we went to the counter we were told to go when we landed) so we got some food. We passed another counter with Minneapolis as the destination (that was our next stop) and it was leaving 30 minutes before ours. I told Paul it was best to just stick with the plan. So we ate.

(sidenote: While we were in the airport we found a vending machine that you can buy IPODS and IPOD GEAR from!!! Holy cow! I can't believe it!)

We got to the line and they told us we were not booked on that flight. We were booked on the other one and there was no more space on this plane. WHAT!?!?!?!? So I begged and pleaded with the lady and she saw that there were 2 people who had checked in at the front but were not there yet. It didn't look good. Then the plane was even supposed to leave and the people still hadn't shown up. She made us wait 10 more minutes and finally let us on.

We got to Minneapolis and were told that we were not getting a free hotel. I know what you are thinking. "Why would you need a hotel? Oh, did u miss your next flight because you took the later one from Detroit?" Nope. We were scheduled to arrive at 8:11PM. Then we were to take the flight from Minneapolis at 5:00PM to PDX. That's right. You read it correctly. That was the misconnect part. It was all messed up.

So I went to the 1st class ticket counter and talked to one of the people there. I presented my story and he began to tell me the reasons why he was going to put us up in a hotel. WHAT? YESSSS!!! It worked. A smile, a little charm and a desperate story (paul's wife is due any day.) and we were in. And in the residence inn...very nice place. Oh, and we got $13 each for dinner vouchers and $5 for breakfast. The cool part was there was a restaurant that delivered and took the vouchers. Paul was too sleepy so he went to bed and I ordered $26 worth in MIDNIGHT!!! mmmm. We got out the next morning and finally home to our families.


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