Monday, July 28, 2014

Packing with some great friends!

Let's be honest; there isn't much fun about packing your home. The one thing that I find joy in it is being with my friends. The downside is you know they are coming because they're saying goodbye.

We had a party, of sorts, as we loaded up the pods. With Josh and Steve at the helm of packing the rest of us brought out everything relatively unscathed. 

This stuff is hard. I don't like saying goodbye (or see ya later for those who really don't like goodbye). I do like the idea of moving to a place where people will want to come visit. I hope they truly do. 

There are so many memories tied to this place and these people it's crazy as the memories have been flooding back over the past couple of weeks. So much joy has been filling my heart as I have been filing through the memories. As my heart fills up the tears have been spilling out. So many tears. I could say I don't normally cry much, but let's be honest...that would be a lie. 

I plan to update you on Cali life here more often than I have been updating. Join me in the journey. You can even "subscribe" by putting your email in on the right side of this blog. The. You will get an email when I post something new. If you would like that. 

The $10 Pizza Hut deal is pretty sweet!

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