Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic Fever

Olympic fever has hit the Williams household hard. On Friday night we had our every-other-year Olympic-opening-ceremony-party at the Unwins. This is always a fun night with lots of craziness. This year we decided we should all bring food that represents the countries we are from. Steve made perogies (Polish), Jenga made German chocolate cupcakes, Brenda brought sushi (I had no idea she was Japanese, although I suspected it), The Condellos brought stuffed shells (Italian), Sean brought pizza (Italian?) and we made Norwegian waffles and mashed potatoes with hot dog pieces mixed in.

This was a seriously major display of food!

We loved the opening ceremonies. I particularly loved Mr. Bean. Man did I laugh. The combination with classic and digital age was great. Although it was very interesting that any videos people posted from inside the stadium was taken down off of youtube. Almost like, "Hey, we are celebrating social media and technology, but please don't use any social media/technology to let anyone else know." Kinda backwards thinking when you think about it.

That being said, our family is completely engrossed in the Olympics. I tweeted that I had lost my wife for the next couple of weeks. That is true, but I really am enjoying these Olympics! Misty & Kerrie. The redream team. Women's soccer! Runners (Go Ethiopia). Norway winning random events. Ryan Seacrest's fun side interviews (Phelp's sisters and mom). The stories behind the stories. The tears. The gut-wrenching awful moments when someone misses a parallel bar. Gabby. The tweets and USAToday app breaking news updates that come to my phone before an event is aired on TV (ugh).

I love it all!

The closing ceremonies will be a sad end to this exciting time. I'm proud to be a German born Norwegian-American with Ethiopian kids! It certainly is a fun time to share as a family too. We have been playing a lot of cards together with the Games on in the background, with pauses for the important moments.
Thanx world. Game on. Compete hard. Enjoy the victories. Pick yourself up in the defeats. Live fully in all you do!

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Dudster's Spot said...

Well blogged Erik! The Dudleys treat the Olympics... like an Olympic event! Watching is a full time job, but epic. I loved getting texts from friends asking about this or that volleyball rule or name of a runner etc. So fun! I thought of you and the Manns when the Ethiopians ran well, although the guy from the 5k... I know you will teach your kids WAY better running etiquette than he used. Now... onto HTC... go Erik and Steve, represent!


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