Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Got Custody of Our Children!!!

I was going to post about our trip to Wollisso today, but a turn of events happened and I thought you should know about it. It is, after all, what we have been asking for prayer for quite some time now. Because Kynzi was so sick on Karston’s birthday (Monday), we moved our visit with the babies to today (Tuesday). We decided we would go and visit with our lawyer, Sintayehu, before we headed to the orphanage. I called him up and he told us to come on when we were ready. We arrived about 2:15 in a rickety old taxi as a storm was brewing overhead.

After a couple of minutes of waiting he came out and walked us back into his office. Jeanne-Ann and I had prayed for wisdom from the Holy Spirit as to exactly what we should say, because we didn’t want to say anything that might be “the wrong thing.”

We shared our concerns regarding something we were worried about with Nyah. It was something we talked to him about before, but the doctor said it was normal and he told us we had to trust the doctor. Today we told him we had done quite a bit of research and agreed that it was “normal.” Babies who lay in cribs and aren’t held a ton often get flat spots and even misshapen heads. It’s called positional plagiocephaly. We are pretty sure that is what Nyah has. We told him that research tells us that it’s best to get a helmet of sorts that is designed especially for this before they are 10 months old. Nyah is almost 10 months. These helmets, or DOC bands, can greatly help to bring back symmetry to the head.

After we shared our concerns, we asked if there was any way to help move the process along any faster. We had not yet received the MOWA letter (the big slow up in the whole process) and then there was the wait for their paperwork after that came (20 days or more we had been told). He smiled and said, “Well, there has been a change since we last talked.” WHAT? This can not be good news, but he is smiling. Mhmmm...what was it? “The letter from MOWA came yesterday, and I was going to call you, but when you called me and asked for an appointment I decided to wait to tell you in person.” WHAT?! Are you kidding me? I held my breath and said, “What exactly does that mean?” “It means you can go and take your kids.” “Today?!” “Yes! Of course!”

Tears welled up in my eyes as the reality of this news began to register. Was he for real? We were on our way to see the babies after our visit with him. “So we can go and not visit but we can take custody of them today?” “Yes!” Wow! I couldn’t believe it. I got out of my chair and ran around to the other side of his desk where he was sitting and gave him a huge bear hug. Then there were hugs all around. We all hugged each other and we all hugged Sintayehu. He would call over to the orphanage when we were on the way and we would start the process.

I asked him how long the rest of the process would take. He told us he would work hard and make sure that it was done in 15 days or less. Jeanne-Ann clarified what 15 days meant. Not business days, just plain old glorious days! It could be sooner, but he would not promise that. Then it will be up to our embassy. He told us not to cancel our return tickets on July 31 yet. It could still be possible! Can you believe that!?!?! We may arrive home on August 1 as we had originally planned!

We arrived at Tokoul, our orphanage, 5 minutes later and the heavens had opened up and in the 13 steps it took us to get to the building from the taxi we were soaked. We didn’t care. This was a momentous occasion. We were celebrating. We handed over the copy of the letter to the office manager who had just arrived so she did not get the phone call yet. She looked at it and with joy in her eyes she smiled and said, “Wow. Congratulations.”

She called for the nannies to bring them out to us and we sat for a while, as they were still sleeping, and she began the paperwork. The nannies finally came and walked us to the meeting room where we had been so many times before with Haakon and Nyah for our 2 hours or so visits. We didn’t understand. So I walked back to the office and asked if we were still getting to take them home with us. She said, “Yes, I just have to finish the paperwork.” Whew. Huge relief. I ran back to Jeanne-Ann and my FOUR children and explained what was going on. A few minutes later we were loading up in the taxi and headed back to our home away from home, with all four kids!

We walked proudly in to the guest house with smiles plastered to our faces ready to show them off to anyone or anything that moved! Most everyone in the guesthouse knows our story and we were greeted with many congratulations and “awwwws” and everyone agreed how beautiful they are! We have shared the  “what happened?” story many times over tonight and every time it has been a pure delight.

We gave them a bath right away. Haakon was not a big fan, but Nyah loved it. Then we hung out in the room, took some pictures and just loved them like crazy! We fed them, changed about 5 poopy diapers (thank you Haakon) and now they are sleeping in our room in makeshift cribs (there are a ton of families here right now and all the cribs are being used). I can hear them breath as I am typing away at my computer. I keep looking over and smiling as I see God’s plan for our family continue to fall into place.

True, a couple of years ago I would never have thought I would be adopting ANY children, now I can’t imagine it any other way. These are the children God purposefully chose for us, just as He has adopted us into His family!

Thank You Jesus!







Jen said...

Congratulations - this is phenomenal!!! They are beautiful! What an amazing family God has given you!! By the way, you may remember that Abby had a helmet for that very reason, and she didn't get hers until after her first birthday. When you get back I'd be happy to chat about it. I LOVED our orthotics guy - he was the best! Enjoy those babies!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! im so happy for all of you. your kids are absolutely beautiful! love the story and love love love all the pictures. thanks for sharing
i will be praying that everything else goes smoothly so your family can come home soon
-mandy clapper

Becky said...

So happy for you guys, what a great God's timing story. Also a little jealous!
Wishing we were their getting our two little ones...


Jen said...


Anonymous said...

I am so SO SO SO SO SO happy!!! Tears of joy to see my beautiful niece and nephew officially become a part of the Williams family! What joy it is! Love you guys SO much!!!

Bex said...

Tears after tears after tears reading your recall of this momentous occasion in your lives. We are so stoked you are now together, learning how to live and love as a family of six. Praying K and K know they are secure in their place and in your love during this transition (and for their health. Praying Haakon and Nyah blossom under the depth of your love and tenderness of your care. Praying you and JA experience deep joy, gratitude and peace. Praying your marriage is taken to a whole new level as you parent four. Praying your times with Jesus are numerous, un-rushed and sweet; that you have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart sensitive to what he is doing as you wait for the next step and gel as a family. And of course, it is our truest prayer and hope and desire that you arrive home as originally planned on August 1. Hugs.

shellandjim said...

It will never ever cease to amaze how in a moment our lives can change forever! Praising God your moment came just like that so perfectly! Now, praying you all home! Blessings from all of us~Shell and Jim

Dan and Bridget Bowen said...

Your post made me smile so big!!
I have been praying for you and your family.
What a wonderful day!! My husband and I are also adopting from Dove so I love to see other Dove families having such wonderful news!!!

Matt Reeve said...

Prayers are answered!! I know that I am not the only one who is filled with joy to hear this news. After months of praying with you and to hear this makes me want to do 100 cartwheels. I can't actually do them. But if I could I would!

Joyce Miller said...

Wow, God is soooo good! I'm so happy for you ALL!!! I'll keep praying for each detail, and the bonding, fun and adjustments that are coming your way. Those precious babies get to have you as blessed they are!! Love you!

Special K said...

Congratulations! I've been reading about your journey since LIFE, and am praising God along with you.
Blessings on your WHOLE family!

The Journey said...

Congratulations! This is amazing! What wonderful news and what amazing blessings all the way around! I am so thrilled for you all! Can't wait to see y'all pushing the double stroller around the neighborhood :)

Christy said...

So excited for you family of 6!!! They have such beautiful eyes!! Praying you come home soon!

Unknown said...

"Every good thing bestowed and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation, or shifting shadow" James 1:17 (NASB). My parents gave me this verse upon my adoption; may bless you and your little ones, also. They are gorgeous! Blessings, Theo

Angela said...

Thank you Jesus! Just Precious...

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