Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One Pound of Meat!!!

Today was Karston's birthday. I can't believe he is SIX! We went to the beach in the morning and then to Heather's for a pool party and cake. This evening we went to a place called Cheeseburgersandmore. They used to be called Cheeburger, Cheeburger. It's still the same place. They have video games and win tickets to buy worthless junk games too. They also have the 1 and 2 pound burger challenge. Finish one and they take a Polaroid pic of u and hang it up on their wall. I did it in college, but didn't spend enough time to find that pic and I got another pic up today. Ahh, the glory. Is it really worth it? I say yes! My stomach feels full and satisfied and I don't want to puke. That is good. Every now and then I need to have a little feast.

They used to give away a mug too, but I guess not anymore.

Happy birthday Karston!!!

1 comment:

Keith Morgan said...

any chance of a picture of a one pound burger?

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